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 High School World Languages
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Topic: COMMUNICATION/Listening
Learning Outcome: Understand spoken instructions and simple conversations in the target language
Performance Objective(s):
Comprehend the spoken language at a basic level
Follow directions
Listen to and comprehend simple stories and informational texts

Learning Outcome: Communicate at a basic level of oral proficiency in the target language
Performance Objective(s):
Use selected words, phrases and expressions in order to greet and respond to greetings
Introduce and respond to introductions
Make and respond to requests
Exchange basic information, opinions and ideas
Express likes and dislikes
Use appropriate expressions in various social situations
Ask and respond to questions to clarify information about a variety of topics
Give oral presentations

Learning Outcome: Read stories, dialogues and authentic materials in the target language
Performance Objective(s):
Read and interpret signs, advertisements, simple stories, poems, brochures and narratives from a variety of authors and sources
Read a newspaper or magazine article for main ideas

Learning Outcome: Produce written language that will contain a variety of learned patterns in the target language
Performance Objective(s):
Write lists, dialogues, notes, letters and paragraphs using appropriate language and syntax
Describe people, places and things using appropriate language and syntax
Learning Outcome: Acquire knowledge and understanding of the target culture(s)
Performance Objective(s):
Recognize words borrowed from other cultures that are frequently used in the United States
Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the target language’s culture(s), geography, history and religion
Recognize the contributions made by the target culture(s) to society
Participate in a variety of group cultural activities
Identify distinctive aspects of the culture(s) as found in literature, visual arts, films and videos
Identify historical and cultural figures

Topic: COMPARISONS/Connections
Learning Outcome: Demonstrate a respect for and an appreciation of the culture(s), people and  practices in light of gospel values
Performance Objective(s):
Compare and contrast the target culture(s), geography, religious celebrations and practices with one’s own
Compare and contrast examples of music, visual arts, dance and theater with examples from U.S.culture

Learning Outcome: Apply knowledge of the target language beyond the classroom setting

Performance Objective(s):
Recognize the benefits of the World Wide Web as a global resource
Expand language acquisition and cultural awareness through the appropriate use of the World Wide Web
Communicate with native speakers wherever and whenever possible